Why It's Important to be AUTHENTIC from the Start

I think out of the two years of blogging, no one has ever told me the importance of being authentic.  Sad because this is a very important concept when it comes to being a great blogger.  And the concept makes sense.  Think about it, would you rather read or hear someone talk about something the same way everyone else has talked about it as if they were reading a generic script or would you want to hear real feelings and opinions, no matter if they went with the general consensus or not?  I have learned and am still learning that being authentic is more beneficial as a writer in the long run.  I believe it makes you more creditable and it doesn't come off as you're just reporting on a story because you know it will get you views.  And sometimes being an authentic blogger means having an opinion that doesn't go with the norm, and that's ok.  That sets the foundation for a great debate that you can have with your readers and other bloggers.  What do you guys think?  

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