5 Point Style Guide for an Amazing BBQ Outfit!

5 Point Style Guide for the 4th of July BBQ!

Ok, I think it's safe to say that after the age of 18 dressing in red, white, and blue for the 4th of July is out.  We're grown, and let's save the color matching to the cute little babies.  I personally love earth tones and a natural color palette which, only suiting, I chose earth tones for this outfit guide if you're looking for something to wear to the family BBQ on the 4th!

First and foremost I have fallen in love with sleeveless blazers, jackets, and vests for this summer.  I don't know what it is, but a sleeveless blazer gives you the look of class and elegance that a normal blazer would but...without all the sweat and heat stroke!  I personally love this khaki sleeveless blazer from NewLook (very affordable I might add, only $31).  The color will blend in very nicely with the outdoor scenery.  Second, it's all about distressed denim and rolled up bottoms, so why not put both together eh?!  I love these Frame Denim Le Garcon jeans, they aren't too distressed but are enough to give off that edgy look.  The shoes I chose for this outfit offset the khaki by adding brown into the color palette.  If you're more of a heels kind of gal, Yoins has you covered with their Gladiator heels (only $37, and they have a blogger program).  If you're more of a "I want to be comfortable and not fall" type girl like I am then Mulberry's Garden Sandal is the way to go.  Accessory wise, keep it very simple.  At a BBQ there's no point in breaking out the big purse (unless you're bringing home left overs) or big statement necklaces because it's too much.  Our accessories include this Kate Spade Crossbody, this Larsson & Jennings Chain Metal Watch and this Wanderlust + Co Frame Triangle Necklace (only $29) which adds light colors, and gold accent to the outfit.

So the essence of this outfit guide is simple; let's leave the red, white, and blue for the fireworks and dress classy, simple, yet very chic!

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