Basic Codes Every Blogger Should Know

All I'm going to say is I regret not paying attention in my web design class in high school because what I learned in there I NEEEEED to know now!  Coding is one of the essentials when it comes to a awesome blog, and if you don't have hundreds, even thousands of dollars to have a web designer on hand, then you will soon realize you have to learn coding, at least the basics. So I have decided to compile some of the coding I know for a fact everyone will need to use at least once in their blog career, whether it's changing your blog template yourself, making blog buttons, or whatever the case may be, these codes are KEY!:

codes every blogger should know

You can also purchase Coding for Dummies from Amazon or any other book store, I highly suggest investing in a copy so you can always have a bible of codes at your fingertips.  If you have any other helpful codes you've found you needed please share in the comments below!

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