Be Straight Forward or Leave Me Be

I was just thinking, looking back I guess.  A lot of small minded men love deeming me "crazy" or a bitch, which I am, but in different aspects, because I keep shit straight forward from the jump.  Not saying my way is the right way or anything, but I can't deal with bullshit, it makes me itch.  And it's not like I come off mean at the jump, if anything it's a playful, flirty aggression, from what I've been told, but when we start to get to the nitty gritty I let all my rounds go and let it be known what I want, and I expect the same.  I think this is where most men get scared, and start to fuck with our hearts girls.  Why?  Because they're scared of hurting our feelings by being straight forward and doing so from the start.  The fact is we want men to be honest, as the emotional creatures we are, we do not like trying to read y'all minds, it doesn't work and it hurts our heads.  If you think you might want to be in a relationship with me and want to date, and try to build a foundation SAY IT, if you just wanna fuck and beat this pussy out the box, SAAAAAAAAAY IT, if you just want to be platonic friends, SAY THAT SHIT!  You might not get the reaction or the response you think you should get from us at first, but in the end you will have more of our respect than toying with our emotions, cutting us off cold turkey, or thinking you can hide us from your "main" chick, it all comes to light eventually.  I wouldn't even go to say this is why they made casual dating so that each person can get to know each other because people bullshit during that time as well, and even though you shouldn't have that much invested into it during that period, us females do because if we like what we see and we feel your vibe, then we try to roll with it.  So moral of the story is JUST BE HONEST FROM THE JUMP! Simple, k, got it, good!

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