Chronicles of a Distant Lover

long distance relationshipsLong distance sucks.  It does.  Having had a majority of  my relationships, including the one I'm in now consist of a  long distance relationship, I think I know a thing or two.  But for me it's convenient because a lot of my physical time is consumed and it's easier for me to communicate via text, phone call, or Skype. Sometimes, I'll admit, it gets emotionally draining because when you're having a bad day or just longing for the touch of your significant other, a response you get through a text isn't the same when you need a hug, kiss, or some passionate sex.  But all in all, it's worth it.  I see a foundation, a future, a life, and a happy ending and it's worth the distance and the effort in my opinion.

For those of you in long distance relationships, what advice do you give others that are in one and how to make things easier while coping with the distance?

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