Clothes Swap? YES PLEASE!

clothes swap

Alright guys, so with everything that I'm doing for this stupid garage sale, more so the talk of many bloggers participating in a "clothes swap", I decided why not have one of our own so I can let some of my blogging besties take ownership of some items I don't want anymore.  What is a clothes swap?  Well it's exactly what the name entails, you swap clothes with other people, namely fellow bloggers.  For the swap, and many swaps to come I don't want this to be exclusive, every size can be included, and every type of item!  Here are the categories of clothing, shoes, and accessories we will be gathering bloggers for:


If you are interested in participating in the clothes swap you can either fill out the form below, or email us with the information in the form at, whichever works best for you.  

We will take entries today until July 27th, and everyone will be paired and informed of their partner on August 1st.  Once you are aware of who you will be swapping with share and promote eachother by posting that you're apart of the swap on your social media accounts and on your blog as well!  We want to get at least 50 bloggers apart of this clothes swap so please make sure to tell your other blogging friends.  If you have any questions please comment below or email us!

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