Color Journey: How To Remove Semi Permanent Blue Dye

Ok guys so I'm not really posting this as a expert, more so as this is information I was searching for because I am in need of a solution and I want to share to see if anyone has had any luck.  So I recently dyed my hair a verrrrrrrrry dark navy blue, Midnight Blue to be exact.  And while I love the color the blue isn't noticable enough for it to be recognized as blue but more of a black.  I know now that I need to use a higher level developer (probably 30) to get the color I am looking for or simply get a different type of semi permanent but I can't do it until this color has faded out of my head.  So while watching Youtube videos and searching online, I found a few methods that seems pretty accurate on how to strip blue or green semi permanent color out of your head:

Use a clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is very harsh on hair that contains any type of color, so if you're looking to start the process of washing your semi permanent out this would be a start to do so.  I also read that by mixing baking soda in with your shampoo, it helps strip the color faster because it is a natural bleaching agent.

Use Vitamin C

I never heard of this until today but I am eager to try.  Apparently, using vitamin C (roughly 500-800 mg) and shampoo helps strip the dye out of your hair, and it can even brighten your hair by as much as two shades (colored hair, not virgin hair) by swelling the hair cuticle.  I was skeptical at first too but I was convinced once I saw this video by OffbeatLook.

I also read that you can use bath salts (which I'm still iffy on) and dish washing liquid instead of shampoo.  Has anyone tried any of these methods or a method I totally missed?  Please drop a comment below and enlighten us!  I will be doing a video soon after I try the Vitamin C method and I will let you guys know how it went!

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