Come Hear It From The Horses' Mouth


Have you ever needed advice to build your blog, but from someone more relatable?  I mean let's face it, the knowledge we get from those who have mastered the success path is priceless, but it feels more personable getting knowledge and advice from someone going through the same frustrations, trials, and challenges as you right? Well that's what we're here for!  Hear It From The Horses' Mouth is designed for us at Mind of a Fashionista to simply share with our fellow bloggers the tools we have had success with, and advice we can give during our continued journey building our blogging empire.

Our first webinar segment will cover "Mastering The Basics" exploring everything from asking yourself why are you blogging to finding your niche, and digging into the basic tools needed to launch and run a blog.

Our webinar will take place August 5th at 7pm, and the first 50 bloggers to sign up will get 2 months free worth of ad space on our blog and a coupon code for our next webinar series!

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