DIY Saturdays: Crayon Love & Tie Dye Flava


So recently I have been experimenting with a lot of DIY projects, more so trying to stretch my dollar.  The two projects I have been working on for the past week or so are homemade lipstick and tie dye pants and I must say I am very pleased with the results!

First off let me go ahead and address this AGAIN, which is Crayola's disclaimer.  Obviously the products that they make are not designed for creating makeup, they just don't want to get sued just in case something happens.  The fact is crayons are non toxic and have less chemicals and ingredients than the makeup we wear, so I can assure you, you'll be just fine! So for the lipstick I made, it's a moisturizing matte lipstick made with crayons and Vaseline, simple right!  All you do is break apart your crayon, and mix it in with Vaseline in a glass bowl of boiling water.  Once the mixture is mixed together then you pour it into a container to cool, like a jewelry box container.  You can also you coconut oil as well, both work just about the same, it's really all about preference. Here's a great DIY video that'll explain the process better by Krazyrayray.

My second project which I will have more information on (pricing wise for our clothing company) is these simple yet super chic tie dye pants, using a pair of white jeans and Rit dye solution!  Now to the left is the stylish pair that I saw on Pinterest, and that I used as an example.  The picture on the right is my rendition, and very similar in style, I used different colors and different brush strokes to make it my own.

Let me know what you guys think, and also comment below with some DIY ideas you have been pondering on, I'll make sure to either do a tutorial myself or find one on Youtube!

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