From The Girl Who Was Never Gifted

I really was just pondering on this just because I was bored, and it came to me...I have never been given a "gift".  Like I can only count from one boyfriend who I was deeply in love, lust, and bullshit with that he gave me something for Christmas which wasn't shit, gave me flowers because he fucked up, and gave me hell any other time.  But besides that, I have never received a gift from a man.  And that's why I do not expect shit from any guy.  To those of you who get gifts from guys here and there, kudos and claps to you, I ain't mad at it.  And I don't feel bad about it, because anything I want I just go get, not tying to throw an independent vibe into it, but that's just how I am.

I think what really just made me not expect gifts in a relationship was the one time I did any and everything (gift wise) for my boyfriend and got my heart cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushed.  It was Valentine's Day 2011, and me and my daughter's father were suppose to go out to eat.  Long story short he gave me this excuse that we couldn't go and we planned to spend the night in my dorm room.  In my skimpy Valentine's Day attire, me and my room-mate walked in the freezing cold to get food and drink for me and him to make that night even more special on top of the presents I already got him, including a framed poem I thought of.  I got stood up.  He decided to bring in his birthday with his "boys", which so happened to be the next day.  I sat in the hallway of our dorm room crying and feeling sorry for myself.  I felt like I wasn't worth shit.  I just felt like, I don't know, I got played.  The next morning I broke up with him (for 2 weeks), even shattering the framed poem on the floor and slamming the door is his face.

Yea, it would be nice to get something now and whatever but I rather just have time.  Material things I can work to get, I always do.  I long more for commitment and a foundation.  If I get presents on the way well, let's just consider it a lucky day.

What do you guys think?  Do you expect gift giving in a relationship?

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