How Can You Depict African Culture With No Africans?

junya watanabe

If you know me you know I am never the one to be "pro black" so to speak.  I love all cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, and just diversity in general.  So for me to question, more so be pissed about this should say something.  My question to you all can you have a fashion show depicting African culture with no African or African american models?  Well apparently you can according to Junya Watanabe who showcased his men's collection yesterday for Men's Fashion Week.  Featured in this collection was a shit ton of dreads, tribal prints, and accessories similar to ones worn in certain African tribes and yet once again, not one brown skinned human was the forefront of this collection.  

junya watanabe

In all honesty it just looked like a bunch of white boys looking like rich kids on an African vacation, scientists on a safari, or hippie white people in the dessert. And adding the faux locs attached to their heads didn't make matters better.  With this collection and many other ones that have surfaced within the past few years, it has really caused a look into cultural appropriation in fashion and beauty.  Yes, cultural appropriation pertains to us fashion snobs as well, not just for the people in the political world girls and guys. I know for many of us beautiful black members of fashion society, it's almost "insult added to injury" when customs, practices, and general notions of our everyday life are glamorized and then made to seem like they were invented right off the runway by that famous, lets say it, white designer. I just want to know what was the thought process behind this?  Why is our culture being popularized but our people aren't? And lastly, was Rachel Dolezal the producer of this show or what?
*pictures and original article by The Cut

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