I F***ing Hate Pic Monkey

pic monkey review

I'm tired.  Why?  Because I spent an hour and a half using Pic Monkey just for all of my work to be gone. Pissed off man, pissed off!  I used Pic Monkey because I needed to update our media kit.  A company asked for stats and after looking at our kit, I realized that in just 3 months everything was outdated.  Since I used Pic Monkey to create the first one I thought I could whip up another one in half the time......Jesus obviously said not today hunny!  First and foremost Pic Monkey is so slow.  I don't know if they need to update their website or what but I don't remember it being that slow to the point where the page froze.  And after tweaking and working with the slowness of the page and finally completing the kit, I go to the "share" button so I can send a link to Diamond.  Once I see that by cliking that it doesn't create a shareable link (which needs to be put on the site), the web page goes back to Google Search and all of my work is gone.  Of course one will say well that's why you save, but I didn't ask you all of that!  If I hit the damn back button I expect to be taken back where I was before.  If only Be Funky had the same design features as Pic Monkey to be able to create media kits I would use them hands down, no questions asked.  And if any of you reading this work for Pic Monkey, find my kit or I'm kicking someone in the face.

Any who, what online editing software do you guys use to create certain things such as media kits, logos, etc?

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