I've Been Strobing and I Didn't Even Know It!

Up scrolling on social media and I discovered that I had been "strobing" when I did my makeup and I didn't even know it. Apparently the makeup artists don't know anything about it and have recently started doing this "new technique" in place of contouring.

What's "strobing" you ask?

Essentially, it's just highlighting your makeup instead of highlighting and contouring, giving you a naturally glowing dew look.

Basically, I've been "strobing" for the past year and a half so guess what that makes me. Ahead of the curve! Ha! Kidding, but I've never been the type to do all of that contouring. When I wear makeup, I would still like to look like myself, ya know? There's nothing worse than someone who looks completely different without makeup because they did such great Illusionist tricks with their makeup. No shade to those who like to contour and everything, but it's just not me. Plus, that's just extra stuff to not only buy, but time spent learning the technique and perfecting it. Nuh-uh! I'm OK there.

OK! So if you peep the photo to the left, you will see a chart that shows you the spots you should apply your favorite and most shimmering highlighter or luminizer for the perfect glow. 

I've seen a couple different variations of the chart and some spots, I'll use, and others I won't. Here's the hot spots I think are the best and a must do:

Under the Brow:
Putting a little highlighter underneath the eyebrow, focusing on the highest part of the brow bone not only adds that gorgeous glow, but I think it just adds just that extra bit of awesome to your eyeshadow. It gives it a complete look when it comes to your lids and brows and opens the eyes. It brings them together while keeping them separate.

Under the Eyes:
There's nothing more flawless than that glow that comes off your face when you turn your head to pose and capture the best angles. It shapes the face so well and looks AMAZING when you smile in combination with your blush as it brings out your cheekbones!

Center of Forehead:
Again, the light bouncing off of the center of your face not only adds dimension, but it adds to the natural glow of the skin that maybe putting on foundation takes away.

Along the Bridge of the Nose:
Highlighting along the bridge of the nose gives the nose a straighter look as well as connects to the forehead, making it the "highlight" or center point of your face, which it is.

Cupid's Bow and Chin:
Highlighting these spots will help with making your lips appear larger than they are, but again, brings out the natural glow points that are sometimes removed when using mattifying makeup products like your foundation and powder.

Basically, all you're doing in highlighting the features and reflection points on your face. "Strobing" is a cute name for it, but here's what I think about it honestly:

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