Lace For The Masses, Rather The Sexes: Burberry's Spring/Summer 2016 Show

I would never imagine a man wearing lace...but now I want to test the waters with my beau, and it's all thanks to Burberry.  This past week Burberry held their men's spring/summer 2016 fashion show which features many exotic prints, veering away from the classic and branded plaid Burberry print everyone knows and loves, and introduced the idea of unisex lace, which was clearly noted as this was the first time the collection was shown with the women's pre-spring collection.  I am very much impressed and more so craving to see more lace incorporated into men's fashion, it's a very interested concept I must say.  Check out the entire show below, I know for a fact you won't be disappointed, how can you be, look at those pieces!:

Also for your enjoyment I have included both the men's and women's Fall/Winter 2015/16 collections, because before we know it, Fall will be back around to haunt us (lol), and the designs, color selections, and structure of these pieces are as glamorous as the ones in the Spring/Summer collection, check it out!:

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