L'Addict Loves: The Classic Crossbody


When I think classic fashion, I think Chanel, thus Chanel crossbody bags. Chanel is one of those brand’s that reinvents itself seamlessly, almost to the point of ‘wtf’. Think about it – where else can you find stuff ‘classy enough for grams,’ and kick-ass enough for the likes of wild child Cara Delevigne? I mean, good luck finding a a more versatile, classic crossbody, because Chanel’s got the one. And look at all places you’ll go – weddings, clubs, whatever – this bag has a whole lot of cool, and even more class.
I won’t to attempt to style this with, as I’m sure it could even look good paired with a brown paper bag, but next to a one of these printed beauties, a white tee, jeans and strappy heel might suffice.
I loved the way Poppy Delevingne and Miroslava Duma styled their Chanels – do you? Let me know! And while you’re at it, tell Santa I’ll happily take 5 of ‘em off his hands! – L’Addict
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