L'Addict Loves: The Edgy Crossbody


These bags aren’t for the fainthearted. They’re for the city-slickers and the devout all-black wearers. Think NYC. Think London Underground. These things are serious. Can’t you tell by my obnoxious period usage?
But, in all seriousness, these bags are pretty damn cool. I’m talking studs, fringe, and distressed leather – not to mention, heavy metal. Wear these when you’re feigning for something outside the norm, and you really don’t care. Think Lily Bass’s sister, Carol, circa season two of Gossip Girl – minus stupidly forfeiting a lavish Beverly Hills lifestyle for a more grungy existence in LA. I’ll say it as many times as I need to – you don’t have to piss your parents off and lose your inheritance to wear this killer-cool accessory but, I’d recommend wearing it with an IDGAF-attitude.
I styled mine with stripes and denim, but I also like to wear ’em with black and leather, amongst other angst-y things. And as for which edgy crossbody is the fairest of them all? Kiss all the frogs you want, here.
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