Nasty Gal Not Fond of the Preggos?

nasty gal lawsuit

Sooooooooooooo I thought Nasty Gal was all about the feminist movement? Shiiiiiiiddddddd I guess not huh! Why I say this? Because a former employee of Nasty Gal has filed a suit against the company for illegally terminated 4 employees after becoming pregnant.....the fuck?

According to the complaint that was originally reported by Jezebel, Aimee Concepcion, the employee who filed the suit, was to be the head of Nasty Gal's home goods category in late 2013, and by late 2014 she was pregnant and informed her supervisors of what is suppose to be thought of as a joyous occasion.  And despite many positive employee performance reviews there after, she was terminated along with 3 other employees, Etalia Gold who was 8 months pregnant, Anne Coelen who was suppose to return from maternity leave just a few days before, and Gilberto Murillo who was set to go on paternity leave.

Even though Nasty Gal deemed these terminations to be a round of mandatory layoffs, they informed Cocepcion that she could work until she went on maternity leave, but couldn't come back after.  Doesn't that make you think they don't want a pregnant person doing work in their company?!  And to put the icing on the cake, after these "layoffs" took place, another employee, Rosa Lieberberg, was also terminated just weeks after she informed her supervisors that she was pregnant also.

Of course, Nasty Gal had to put their "public guard" notice to assure their customers and supporters that these "accusations" were not true, stating:

"The accusations made in the lawsuits are false, defamatory and taken completely out of context. The layoffs in question were part of a larger restructuring of departments we completed over nine months ago. The lawsuits are frivolous and without merit."

The fact is, it's Nasty Gal, and anyone with common sense can see how no one wants to associate being a "nasty gal" with pregnancy.  Still isn't right though.  I guess at Nasty Gal you can be a #GIRLBOSS as long as no babies come with it!

Let me know your thoughts, is Nasty Gal going to far with these "layoffs"?

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