Product Review: RK by KISS Matte Lip Lacquer

rk by kiss

So I'm in the beauty supply store, Coco Beauty to be exact, getting things right so I can get my hair taken care of (post on that coming soon), and while I'm checking out I see these matte lipsticks.  I'm skeptical most of the time of beauty supply makeup products because they don't do the job.  Even though I love cheap makeup and can get some quality makeup for $0.99 per product, beauty supply quality just doesn't cut it for some reason.  But looking at these lipsticks in the RK by KISS collection, Jesus just told me "gone head girl, get it!" So I did, just the grey one, so I wouldn't feel bad if I wasted my money.  Once I got home and got my hair together I tested out my new lip lacquer and instantly fell in love!  

Even though it's a matte lipstick it's real creamy and glides on soooooo smooth!  The matte color itself is the kind of matte I look for, it doesn't look chalky and gives an even coat over your lips (the blue I had to use a little more than the others).  Most importantly these lacquers have given me the confidence to wear bright colored lipstick.  If you know me, you know I have my signatures that I stick with whether it's a red, nude, pink, or purple.  When I wear these lipsticks however, I don't feel like a clown and feel confident that I can be unique with my color choice!

For just $3.99 plus tax, this was a steal compared to some of the other liquid lacquers out there, so I give this product 5 stars hands down.  KISS Nails has many other items I am definitely going to invest in, including hair care, nails, and of course other makeup products as well.

Has anyone else bought or tried anything from KISS?  If so drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

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