Sally Beauty Haul: I Went Color Crazy!

sally beauty

Saturday was my first time going into Sally Beauty.  I was prompted to do so because I am forced to get color in my head!  No not really (lol) but I have decided to put some spice in my life again and have been influenced to do so by my lovely partner Diamond, better known as the Blue Haired Bandit.  Because I have had bad experiences with color before, more so the people who put the color in my hair, I decided to take a safe approach to this drastic change before I made it permanent.  

First and foremost I am not a professional when it comes to hair care or how to apply hair color, but I know a lot from the mess ups that have happened in my head.  For instance, the safe approach I'm referring to is to use semi permanent hair color instead of permanent color until I am set on the color I want to live with AND can find someone who is comfortable and knowledge in putting this color in my hair without me looking....well just ratchet.  Why semi permanent?  Because I do not want my hair to eventually break off or fall out.  I still have bits and pieces of my fucked up colored hair, mainly at the tips, so by adding another PERMANENT color onto the first color without doing the necessarily steps would cause more damage.  Adding semi permanent color in your hair doesn't harm you because there isn't any ammonia or other chemicals that make it permanent.

Since I am not a professional, this gives me a chance to try out colors on my time, in the comfort of my own home knowing I wont hurt my hair in the process.  After so many taunting experiences I don't want to have another one as doing it myself or by choosing someone ill experienced because I was too impatient.  The colors I am rocking now for my curly fro (video coming soon) are a mix of midnight blue and black cherry. I also got a deep burgundy because I love red hair color.  Red was actually what my hair was suppose to be at first, but because the woman who did my hair wouldn't admit she wasn't experience enough to work with my hair, and that my hair had to go through a few processes before I could get the red color, it turned a deep orange and eventually blonde...yea I was pissed.  The color I think I am set on for my permanent hair style is a smokey pink, I'm 90% sure I want it but again, I want to make sure that would be the color I could live with.

Most of you might say "well why don't you just permanently dye your hair yourself?  Because I'm not stupid, that's why.  First off everything you need to dye your hair permanently might not be available at your fingertips.  For example, I am also thinking of going platinum blonde, and in order to do that I would need a very high level booster that will go on top of the bleach that I would have to apply to my hair.  I wouldn't be able to get that booster because I am not a licensed cosmetologist.  Second and probably the most important point of it all is, I don't know what I am doing.  I don't put my own relaxers in my hair and I damn sure won't put my own permanent color on because if I mess up, say hello to bald headed AK.  These are high level chemicals that have to be applied by someone who knows what they are doing.  So I rather just take the safe route and pay someone to do it the right way, and use safe colors in the meantime.

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