Stop Being a Typical Broad and Spend Smarter

Lol most of y'all gone be mad at me, do I care, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! But this post was inspired by a few clueless ass females.  My cousin tagged a few of us in a pic of a woman who had mold in her hair from NOT MAINTAINING her sew in the right way.   Hints, NOT MAINTAINING!  Everyone automatically wrote off that she was "dirty" so to speak, insisting that you cannot leave your weave or braids in for a lengthy amount of time.  And in fact....that's not true.

I do apologize if this post offends anyone but I am not a wasteful female, at least when it comes to hair.  To get quality hair you are going to have to pay a pretty penny to do so, especially if you want it to look as natural to your real hair as possible, which can run you hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands.  So why spend all of that money just to throw it away in a month or two?  It makes no sense.  You all wonder why that call us (as African Americans) easy targets because we just blow our money, and the things we acquire we don't keep for long, same goes for weave.  So excuse the shit-balls out of me if I feel the need to keep my hair up as long as possible to make all of the money I just spent last and seem worth while.

It is VERRRRRRRRRRY much possible to keep a weave or a set of braids up for 6 months+ if you follow and keep up a healthy routine to help manage and grow your hair.  First and foremost you have to wash and condition (including deep conditioning) your installment.  No matter if you have a net, or a leave out, you can still part your weave installment and wash your hair, like I just don't understand how you think that you can't.  Yes it might be harder, but it is very much doable.  Me personally I get a full sew in with a net.  I am rebuilding my hair, especially it's growth, so I try to take all the steps possible for that end result.  I get a skinny spray bottle with diluted shampoo and squirt it in between the parts of my sew in, and then rinse with warm water thoroughly.  Second I condition my hair, most of  the time doing a deep conditioning on my whole head.  I squirt the conditioning solution, sometimes mixed with olive oil, coconut oil, or red wine in between the parts as I would do with the shampoo, and then massage it into the weave.  Once again I rinse thoroughly, and let air dry with some type of protective style.  Why do I keep say thoroughly? Because the mold from the picture above did not come from said woman leaving her hair up for months on end, it's from not washing her hair out all the way causing the shampoo residue to manifest and turn into mold.  So for those of you acting like experts, even my cousin with a license, you're wrong.  I have had weave in for months and my hair was not in any way, shape, or form damaged, smelly, or anything else you might think.  In fact is was more healthy than before I installed the sew in.

Just like with weave, you can also leave braids up for months, it's all about maintaining your hair!  In addition to washing and conditioning, you have to make sure your hair stays hydrated, moisturized, and protected, meaning, some type of moisturizing solution, braid spray, sheen, oiling the scalp, wearing a satin scarf at night, and MINIMIZING THE HEAT!

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm broke, because I take care of the household first.  I make sure my bills are paid, my child is taken care of, and then I worry about myself, so if that makes me broke SO BE IT but you can't be broke when you know you got a car to drive, a roof over your head, and that the bill collectors won't come knocking on your door!  More so, because I know for the type of style I get I spend close to $400 per installment, I need to make that last.  $400 is 5 bills rolled up into 1, not even a whole month's worth of rent.  So once again excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse the hell out of me that I think more sensibly with my money.  And for you ladies who say y'all got it, 90% of y'all don't own a lick of property, I already know, so please don't try and come at me on this, you will not win.

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm attacking but I just want my fellow sisters to think wiser when it comes to money, stop believing these stereotypes from the ill-knowledge group that always has something to say.  If you got it you got it, but for us that don't. there's nothing wrong with making your penny stretch out like it should, and that means making your hair last as long as it should.


I made a Youtube video to go hand and hand with this post, so check it out!

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