Stop Hating On Ms. Caitlyn (2 Snaps To It!)

caitlyn jenner

I know EVERYONE has seen the reveal of the decade, and if you haven't you must live under a rock.  But the reveal I am referring to is the person on the cover of Vanity Fair.  She looks familiar right?  Well because for the first time ever, Bruce Jenner is now....Caitlyn Jenner!  And hunnnnnty I ain't mad at it!  Why?  Because she's a grown fucking woman and can do what she wants ultimately.  The fact is most of us don't understand the mindset of someone who is transgender, we can't comprehend how to feel "trapped" in the wrong body.  So who are we to judge?  If Caitlyn wants to take her hard earned money and spend it to ultimately feel about herself, so be it.  As long as she is healthy in the end, go head girl, go head!

Now scrolling down to some comments and memes,  I saw how people were mad at the fact that we degraded Michael Jackson and his skin but are praising Caitlyn Jenner.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT!  First off Michael Jackson had a skin condition that caused him to be that way, but the fact is people were making fun of the rumors that he had bleached his skin, dyed his skin, other stupid bullshit that caused him to be a lighter complexion.  More so Michael Jackson was accused of being a child molester, hanging his baby over balconies, and other retarded shit that doesn't require praise!  Yes he was brave to be alive and well while dealing with a skin condition, but in return he was doing senseless things that overshadowed people feeling sympathetic or even empathetic towards him.  So don't compare the two, having a skin condition has nothing to do with being transgender and coming out as the opposite sex.  

Also, just a theory in my twisted mind, but maybe this can be the stepping stone to help her connect with her other children.  As we know, or just recently found out, Caitlyn Jenner has other kids besides Kendall and Kylie, one that we all know, Brody Jenner from Laguna Beach and The Hills.  Side Note, I met his years ago when I use to work at the Magic House, he is soooooooooooo sexy!  Anyways, it's known that she has had trouble being there in their lives, and maybe it's because she wasn't even comfortable being who she was before, so how could she be there for someone else?  Maybe that she is now who she has longed to be for many years, she can finally start to be the parent she wanted to be for so long, hopefully!

Let me know yours thought, how do you feel about Ms. Caitlyn?

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