Love & Relationships: Being Platonic Doesn't Mean You're Having Sex!


THAT'S MY BESTFRIEND THAT'S MY BESTFRIEND, YOU BETTA' YOU BETTA'!  Had to throw that little tune in there, but yes I do have a male bestfriend.  And what I have found verrrrrrry disturbing in our society is that people think you can't have a platonic relationship with a guy and nothing EVER happening between you two!  No we've never been in a romantic relationship, no we've never had sex, never even kissed.  He's my best friend, the male voice I have at my beck and call when I need some type of reasoning in my life, and even the god father to my daughter.  So ladies and gents, YES it's possible to have a platonic relationship without having sex with that person.  

I do understand however where the suspicious feelings come in because, in our society, we take relationships for granted too often, and the person we tell our boyfriend or girlfriend not to worry about because they're just like "your sister" or "your brother" ends up being the person they betray you for.  But don't let those unfortunate situations steer you away from having a great friendship with the opposite sex.  The friendship I have with my bestfriend I wouldn't trade for anything...and he always has liqour, cha-CHING!