Blogger Spotlight With Girl In Betsey!

girl in betsey

You guys know I love to lurk (lol), but really what I love doing is exploring other blogs.  Sometimes I get wrapped up in everything I do for this blog that I feel the desire to just communicate with other bloggers and get insight on how they operate their blogs.  So when I stumbled upon Girl In Betsey, I instantly liked, LOVED the blog from first site.  Maybe it's because of her template, it's just so chic-ly minimalist, that she incorporates her everyday life into helpful blog posts, or that her photography is slayage and I need to learn some tips from her!  Whatever the case may be, Girl In Betsey is one of my favorite blogs and it's only fitting that Girl In Betsey would be next up in our Blogger Spotlight series, so check out our Q&A with the girl behind it all, Krystin!:

What made you start blogging? 

I started blogging when I attended one of the first fashion shows I was involved in, from then on I wanted to document my life in the fashion industry.  

What challenges have you faced thus far as a blogger and how have you pushed threw them? 
Photography was a challenge at first, but I overcame this challenge by investing in a better camera and editing programs.
What is one thing you wish you would have known before you started blogging?
I wish I would have known how important it is to network. Going to events is a huge part of blogging and I wish I had done that off the bat. 

What is one tip you have to share with fellow bloggers? 
Get out there and network. Don’t underestimate yourself in your industry, go to events and make contacts. 

What's a few random (and fun) facts about yourself! 
I love hanging out with my dog Bella, and she occasionally makes an appearance on the blog. 

Krystin definitely shared some great blogging and networking advice, which ties into our Networking Series premiering today!  But until then make sure to visit Girl In Betsey, read her amazing articles, and show her love on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (her account is!

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