Chitown, Without Kanye Tho

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Chi-town oh Chi-town, how I miss thee.  I embarked on the lively city this past weekend for the Simply Stylist Conference, not knowing I would be so entranced and in love.  I've been to Chicago many of times, but only in the instance of visiting relatives, never actually seeing what Chicago had to offer, and this trip put me right in the middle of the action as I was downtown, in the heart of the city I would say, and oh did I have a good time, and more so this city opened my eyes that Chicago might be a place to be on a permanent basis.

I was only in Chicago for 2 days, but in those two days I saw ALOT! Being from St. Louis, our downtown area doesn't even compare to Chicago, not at all.  From restaurants, to main stream retailers and the upscale atmosphere, Chicago made me feel right as home as a fashion enthusiast.  

I don't know what it was, from the walk to the hotel seeing more people than I have in a long time, eating a Chicago hotdog, or exploring around in the Four Seasons, downtown Chicago almost reminded me of a mini New York in a sense.  Everything was so past faced, moving, and on the go, and that's how I live my life now, I truly did not want to leave!

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