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curly hair

Hello everyone and Happy Mixed Girl Monday!  In celebrating being mixed race, one of the many daily struggles is maintaining my hair, especially with its curly texture.  My hair is curly but I find that most products targeted for curly hair tend to weigh down my curls or are not moisturizing enough to eliminate the frizz.  Today I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite curly hair products.

Miss Jessie's has become a new favorite brand for me. I think I have found the perfect styling cream for my hair's texture and the description of the product was enough to get me to purchase it! "Where do you fit in? You are a beautiful mix of different ethnicities but cannot find styling products that work for your unique multi-textured curls. Some products are too heavy and leave your curls oily and weighed down. Other products are just too light...." It's called Multi-Cultural Curls. (who would've guessed that).  Shea Moisture is another line of products that I was very pleased with trying. After dying my hair back to a natural black color, regular shampoos were washing out the dyes and this shampoo kept my color in tact and left my hair the cleanest it's ever felt! Jamaican Black Castor Oil is supposed to help grow hair longer and stronger and I would say this product does everything it claims especially because it is free of any harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

curly hairMixed Chicks Deep Conditioner keeps my hair tangle free and puts back in the right amount of
moisture into my curls without making them heavy. This will always be a staple for me.
Protein treatments are important for maintaining healthy curly hair. My favorite one to use comes in a packet that lasts me for about 4 treatments and it smells heavenly! The Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Treatment is used just like a deep conditioner and contains Vitamin E and pure coconut milk which is essential. Love this stuff!  L'Oreal's Ever-Curl Sulfate Free line has to be one of my most favorites out of this list. All of the products smell amazing, seriously! The Hydracharge Conditioner is great for daily use when co-washing or using after my shampoo and the Hydracharge Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel is awesome. That stuff does not leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy at all. Again, the smell is so amazing!

Because I diffuse my curls, (I personally can't go with wet hair) I use a heat protectant to protect my curls from getting any heat damage. I like to use the Tresemme Heat Tamer spray. Does anyone have any suggestions for others?  I know how much you are not supposed to detangle your curls with anything but a wide tooth comb or your fingers, but my hair gets very tangled quickly so I prefer to use the Wet
Brush to detangle my curls. The good thing about it is that it's gentle enough to use while your hair is wet, hence the name, so no damage here!

My last must-have on this list is a diffuser. I use the Remington Diamond Shine Damage Protection hairdryer with the diffuser attachment it came with. I got mine for just $20 and it dries my curls pretty quickly and leaves them voluminous, even on the lowest heat and power settings.
I am proud to be a curly girl, and I love trying out new products. These are definitely my staples. If any fellow curly-girls out there have products and favorites they would love to share, feel free! For more hair and beauty inspiration,follow my pinterest.

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