How Next Issue Is Essential For Fashion Bloggers

next issue

If you're a fashion blogger, you probably have a vast amount of resources when it comes to researching your topic of choice.  But undoubtedly, the best resource we have at our fingertips is that good ol' magazine like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.  But the fact is we live in 2015 so technology is a must, and to subscribe to all the fashion magazines out there can be very costly.  One magazine subscription alone can cost $15 for a year, or to subscribe to all of the major ones online could cost $15 a month, and that's not even including the other fashion magazines that are out there.  So I am happy to share with you that Next Issue is here, and I honestly think it was created for us fashion bloggers, I know it.

Next Issue is a mobile app, available for IOS and Google Play, that allows you to have ALL magazines in the palm of your hands.  For just $9.99 you have access to all monthly magazines including back issues (cha ching!) and you can link up to 5 devices on one account.  Which means you can have access to your account from your phone, tablet, and whatever else you use to blog.  Best of all there's no commitment like a regular magazine subscription so you can cancel at anytime.

I've been using Next Issue for some time and it's great, it's better than the paper trail of multiple magazines and better than keeping up with subscriptions in my Google Play account because everything is in one central location.  This is an app that we as fashion bloggers need in our lives especially for keeping up with trends and fashion stories.  Next Issue gets 5 stars no doubt!

Has anyone used Next Issue?  If so drop a comment and let me know about your experience!

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