Networking Part 1: The Basics Every Fashion Blogger Should Know


I have been trying to do this post for a month! I originally recorded a bomb ass video...and deleted it, DELETED IT!  *Begins to whoo-sah* Ok I'm straight, but for real the reason why I wanted to do this post as a priority is because networking, for fashion bloggers, bloggers in general, or any business minded individual is key to success.  That motto which goes "sometimes it's who you know rather than what you know" is true, hands down.  For fashion bloggers in particular, we have our success measured in what's called influence, and the more influence we have the more we are "creditable" to where brands want to work with us.  But what if you're a fashion blogger just starting out in the process of building that influence?  I experienced this same dilemma not too long ago, especially when it was me by myself .  Learning everything a long the way I developed my own ways of networking.  Today what I'll discuss are the basics of networking, mainly when it comes to fashion events, shows, or just any type of function with others within your niche.

Before you go, research the event.

I would definitely compare this to researching a company before going on an interview.  By researching the designer(s) in the runway show, or the company who's throwing the event, you get a better sense of what to expect.  Diamond and I actually do this when deciding on what fashion shows to go to in our city (later post).  Also, this gives you information on "who's who" and the top dawgs you should be keeping your eye out for to slip your business card to.

If you can, opt-in for VIP!

I developed this method at first not from a networking stand point but from a t shirt and goodie bag whore stand point (lol).  But fact is, when you're at an event, the important people are more prompted to talk to people in VIP.  Most of those people are associated with the event, or are influencers that can make or break the event, such as with good or bad publicity.  And frankly, if you're in VIP, people will think you're as important as you think you are!

Branch out!

I've mentioned this before and will continue to do so. I am morbidly scared of people and social situations.  I hide it well because over the years I've just learned to deal with it but I still sometimes have trouble leaving my friends to talk to complete strangers.  Hopefully no one has this phobia, but I know a lot of us are anxious when it comes to introducing themselves.  I suggest introductions to 2-3 people at any event you go to.  Not too many, and a quick introduction is fine.  From my experience once you introduce yourself to one person, you start getting friendly with everyone else and the fear leaves right out your body (or that could be the liquid courage).

Always have a take away.

When networking, always leave that person with some take away of yourself, whether it's a business card or event flyer of your own, they'll be able to have something to remember you and you won't get lost in the sea of faces they met.

Be interactive, and proactive.

Ok fact is, don't just go to an event to sit there, you could've stayed yo' ass at home for all of that.  When going to an event participate in what they have to offer, open bar, free food, photo booth, whatever they have, have fun with it!  If you're at a runway show take mental notes of the collection being shown, whether it's colors being used, fabric selections, or structure of garments, just find something intriguing you liked.  Then before the event is over find whoever is responsible for the event such as the designer or production manager, share your positive thoughts and leave your contact information.  You just don't know what doors could open from one positive comment.


Get overly drunk

This is just a given.  It's ok to partake in open bars these events most likely will have, but don't get so drunk that you embarrass yourself, more so, make a really bad impression on certain people that matter.

Don't act too high and mighty

I've known bloggers who come, late as hell, prance around because they got in for free and they think they're the shit, and then leave.  No matter how much of an expert you are, always use events as learning and networking opportunities and be humble!

Don't say negative comments out loud.

Every event you go to you won't like.  And if you're going there to do a review, then you're going to be highly critical because you want to give your honest opinion.  If you do unfortunately have a bad experience try to keep it inside, or whisper to your friend to let it out, but always still have a positive attitude.  Do not let anyone hear your comments out loud you don't know, because they could be apart of why your experience is bad.

Now this list is definitely not the same as those generic networking lists out there but that's the point.  These steps are everything I've used to get to where I am now so I know they will work.  Let me know in the comments below how to do network!?

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