Pins & Needles Preview: Alexis Cook

alexis cook

I hope you all have been keeping up with us this week. We have a lot going on, but the most exciting is our Pins and Needles Previews!  We featured Isaiah Jenkins Tuesday, and today we're featuring Alexis Cook!  Another talented designer and entrepreneur from Saint Louis, her colorful and fun designs will have you entranced in a good time on the runway!  Dreaming of becoming afFashion designer at a very young age, she started her first business Alexis’Sassy Sandals, at the age 13 which included new and trendy sandals,  She continued pursuing her dreams in fashion by attending Lindenwood University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. As a top student in her design class, She was recognized with many awards including Most Advanced Student, Best Use of Textiles, Cover Award, and Best Design Workmanship. She's been honored to showcase her work in many local fashion shows, including Missouri Style Week. Her designs have also been published in Gazelle STL and featured on many St. Louis news channels. Alexis would describe her brand, Alexis Cook (AC) as whimsical and intricate and women who wear AC exude a feminine confidence and command, deserving attention.

When was the first moment you knew you wanted to be a designer?
When I was 13 I started my first business, Alexis’ Sassy Sandals. I gave plain sandals a new trendy look by adding fun details to make them standout. The business was so successful that I was able to buy my first sewing machine with a portion of the profit. Quite a large purchase for a 13 year old! I then began to create purses, curtains and pillows. From the beginning, I was self taught and made all my own patterns

alexis cook

How would you classify your brand/line? Meaning what do you want people to feel or take away when they see your work.
The AC brand focuses on women’s ready-to-wear and couture. My collections are typically very colorful with intricate details. The AC woman exudes a feminine confidence and her look commands, deserving attention. 

alexis cook
As a fashion designer, where do you turn to for inspiration when it comes to creating new collections or looks?
Colors are my inspiration. I want my looks to scintillate and radiate happiness

How do you set yourself apart from other designers to make yourself unique?
I differentiate myself  from other designers by adding intricate details to my designs. My upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection is inspired by a chic, swank picnic. Intricate, vinyl flowers dance throughout the collection to provide the ultimate feministic touch. Hundreds of these vinyl flowers were individually cut out and hand sewn onto the garments. 

alexis cookWhat advice can you give other aspiring designers who are looking to take the step of pursuing a career in fashion design?
The best advice I can give an aspiring designer is passed along from one of my college professors, and great friend, Nasheli Juliana. She once said, “You can be amazing, but if you are a diva or your ego is bigger than your talent... No one will want to work with you, keep it low, always be kind, respect your models, always say thank you.”

Who is your favorite designer (besides yourself) or favorite designer's collection?
I have 3 designers that I admire. Giambattista Valli, Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson. 

Describe the essence of your brand is 3 words.
Whimsical, Opulent, and Vivid.

I know I'm excited to see what Alexis will put on the runway, I can tell she has something up her sleeve!  If you haven't purchased tickets yet, stop slacking and do so here.  Also make sure to check out Alexis's designs at or contact her at  Stay tuned for more Pins & Needles Preview Designer Showcase Features the rest of this week!

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