Pins & Needles Preview: Isaiah Jenkins

isaiah jenkins

St. Louis! If you haven't heard, Pins & Needles is THIS Saturday! This emerging designer showcase features only the best of local designers competing to be #1!  I had the honor of interviewing three of the designers to talk about everything from their beginnings to what to expect from them on Saturday, and first, we have Isaiah Jenkins!  Born in St. Louis to a family of many talents including music, art, and fashion, going into the field of art was inevitable.  But as most parents, Isaiah's had other dreams for him but still supported of his dream. Which goes hand in hand with his line, displaying a mix of what he loves about himself and life. It's for the diverse man that has many traits, being apart of any crowd who isn't afraid to be different and confident!

When was the first moment you knew you wanted to be a designer?
The first time I knew i wanted to be a designer would have to be when i was in middle school.  I had a notebook full of sketches.  I still have every sketch from when i started and I would always have them with me.  I was a bad student in every class except art and music but i didn't take it seriously to high school when i designed my best friends prom dress.

How would you classify your brand/line? Meaning what do you want people to feel or take away when they see your work.
I would describe it as exciting and edgy.  What i want people to feel when they see it is intrigued and amazed, I want them to want it, need it ,and then purchase it for themselves or someone else.

Isaiah JenkinsAs a fashion designer, where do you turn to for inspiration when it comes to creating new collections or looks?
I draw inspiration from everywhere including books I'm reading, architecture, and art.  I research online by using sites like Pinterest (it's my other bible lol), Google, and also just being around other creative people.  For me, inspiration is all around you just have to open your eyes. 

How do you set yourself apart from other designers to make yourself unique?
What sets me a part from other designers? Hmm well, I'm not afraid to try different shapes, lines, and colors on a man, also I create a story for every collection and I tell that story through the garments and the way they move on the body.  I learned from my mentor, Nasheli Ortiz, to be nice to the fabric and do everything with love.

Isaiah Jenkins
What advice can you give other aspiring designers who are looking to take the step of pursuing a career in fashion design?
The advice I'd give other designers is don't be afraid to challenge yourself and push yourself to grow. Always be prepared to sew, whether you're in a class room or not you're always a student. With the internet at our disposal, we're always able to learn new techniques. Your best friend will always be your sewing machine and your dress form, be nice to them!Research is also another great tool and document everything in your sketchbook about your collection.

Who is your favorite designer (besides yourself) or favorite designer's collection?
I have quite a few for different reasons.  Nasheli Ortiz because I love how she uses structure and fabric.  I love Gareth Pugh and how dark and intriguing his collections are and also i love Carlo Brandelli for his use of tailoring.

Describe the essence of your brand is 3 words.
My line could be described as exciting, edgy, and daring.

Classic man? Nope try daring man! I'm excited to see what Mr. Jenkins has in store for Saturday, I'm sure it'll come wrapped with boom, bang, and then some!  Make sure not to miss out and get your tickets, and also stay tuned all week for more Pins & Needles Previews with other featured designers!

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