Product Review: Beauty Organizer from The Container Store

the container store

Ok so this literally was a spare of the moment type thing played on by my weakness to spend money.  I have acquired over 100 lipsticks and my small acrylic organizers weren't cutting it anymore. I decided to transfer them into my 3 drawer organizer where my makeup was but I needed something else to put my makeup in.  So I went to The Container Store to see what I could find and here I see this lovely cosmetic organizer in my face.  The picture on the box looked pretty so I said what the hell.  I'm glad the picture looked pretty because I am so happy with this purchase!

the container store
Technically called the Adjustable Cosmetics Organizer Tray. It holds more than what you think it would, and for only $19.99 it't a steal.  This tray has adjustable dividers to help you decide on the space you need, whether it's for your bathroom products, accessories, or of course, your makeup. I was able to transfer all of my makeup including multiple foundation tubes, concealers, eyeliners, and individual eye shadows on top of all of my makeup brushes, sponges, and other beauty tools.  I literally eliminated a 3 drawer organizer and 2 makeup brush holders with 1 organizer tray!  I highly recommend this product if you're having the same dilemma as I did.  I know for a fact organizing your makeup can be a task, and if you're on a budget or working with tight space it can be even more of a struggle, so the Adjustable Cosmetics Organizer Tray is a must, two thumbs up!

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