I don't know if this is more embarrassing than funny for me to admit this to you all.  Being 23 you wouldn't think you would have a "bladder problem" but that's what happens when you have a baby at 20.  No one told me that the small "leakage" I felt when I laughed too hard or sneezed when I was pregnant would carry over after I dropped the baby out, but it happens.  I've tried to control the problem with period pads because that seemed like the only suitable solution and frankly, I am TOO YOUNG to be wearing a diaper, it's not that serious! But period pads don't do the trick either, like not at all. So what is a girl to do?  Well that's where Poise comes in and saves the day!

Poise Pads are similar to period pads but are specifically designed for bladder leakage, Poise has designed their pads to be super thin and flexible to give you the feeling of not wearing a pad while at the same time delivering their "absorb-loc" core which quickly locks away wetness and odor and their leak block sides for extra protection.  What more can you ask for!

So since you won't be using our period pads for...dare I say it...our bladder leakage, it's time to #recycleyourperiodpad and use them for other amazing things like a DIY sleeping mask or my personal favorite, my trial sheet, where I test out colors of lipstick, or use it to wipe off my makeup brushes. Or we can use period pads for the best reason there is to, FOR YOUR PERIOD!

So why not try them out for yourself? What do you have to lose? Not a damn thing! And to make it easier, you can get your free sample down below! And once you have tried the innovative Poise Pad, share with us how you #recycleyourperiodpad!


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