Samuel Says...Charleston!


It was a bittersweet return, of course, but, like my margs, I’ll hold the salt.
Charleston is full of life, and love. Point, blank, period. And, during this past weekend particularly, a lot of red, white, and southern blues.
So, this one’s a jubilee; let’s celebrate this city’s life, architecture, and culture.
Let’s start with Emanuel AME || The glory of the human spirit shines from this place. The walls, doused in an illuminating white, the steeple, immaculately kept, the cross, gently scraping an almost-cloudless, blue sky; I’ll never forget. That place was, is, and always will be so full of love.
At first, I shied away from the idea of venturing here, but was lucky to have a change of heart. From the mere feeling in the air you could feel that triumph, not tragedy, reigns here. And, that’s because, although nine lives were lost at the hands of unspeakable evil within those walls, the hearts of Emanuel’s congregation, and of Charleston’s people, who decorate the sidewalk with flowers and tokens of love daily, will always be pure.
After all, mon dieu est sympathique. Les anges restent en paix, maintenant. || My God is kind. The angels rest in peace, now.
For the fourth, I found myself in a number from XXI and Just Fab shoes. All-white in summer is my thing this year, so the dress was a no-brainer –well, minus my grout-fits which my dear friends lovingly chastise me for. As for strappy heels, they’re a Godsend, making your outfit tastefully compliquee sans over-exertion.
Not pictured: my Independence Day blue(s). But, alas, a happy day, plus an easy outfit, makes for a happy girl.
Samuel says…don’t blink! || So, his name may not be Simon, but he does command a hell of a lot of authority. Jules, that is.
When I got wind of this Pulp Fiction (1994) mural, my day plans may have centered around this gem. Generally, I’m not into mementos, but when it comes to one of the best movies of all time, I don’t hate it…at all.
#AdmireThis || This is southern elegance at it’s best. Like, did you not peep the crown molding?! I’ve seen a grand variety of architecture in my relatively short day, and I must say, nowhere does it quite like The South. I’m talking sights sweeter than the tea. Just, not likely to induce diabetes.
And speaking of drinks, Charleston has some of the best bets and bites I’ve ever had in my life…but, seriously. Here are some places that are to di(n)e for, Charleston style: Another Broken Egg, Hominy Grill, Hyman’s, Peninsula Grill, & Hank’s.

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