Fashion & Style: Save In Style With Bronx Diba!


I love a good bargain, like I REALLY DO! I try to save money anyway I can so I can feed my other addictions (liquor, hookah, food) so any sale I find I try to go to.  If you're in the St. Louis area make it a priority on your calendar to visit Bronx Diba in Earth City! For the whole month of July they have an incredible sale, women's clearance is 5 pairs for $100 or $25 each and men's clearance is 3 pairs for $100 or $40 each! You cannot beat that price, and check out my stylish, chic, and COMFY canvas kicks I got from them!  Once again they're located in Earth City right off Earth City Expressway, and when you go, you won't experience your typical shoe buying experience.  Instead of clutter, confusion, chaos, and annoying sales people only caring because they're paycheck depends on it, you have a showroom of shoes and helpful faces there if you need them.

Definitely make your way over to them ASAP, you won't find this kind of sale anywhere else, and if you do partake in this great sale send up a pic of what you picked up!

*this post was sponsored by Bronx Diba

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