Should Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Be FORCED To Get Political?

should bloggers forced to be politcal?

There has been recent discussion among our community whether fashion and beauty bloggers should use their platforms and influence to speak out against the social situations that have happened in recent weeks.  Specifically if you're apart of the BLM (Bloggers Like Me) group, then you know there was a BIG Twitter discussion between blogger Luvvie and other beauty bloggers, where she questioned why more beauty bloggers don't use their power to talk about social injustice.  My answer frankly each his own.

I understand wholeheartedly why Luvvie is asking beauty bloggers to use their power to bring light to social injustice, but at the same time, I don't think it's her place to DEMAND them to.  Us personally here at #MOAF, we have talked about Mike Brown because he hits too close to home, and social appropriation.  We have also discussed social injustice on our personal social media accounts, but I do not want to feel pressured in discussing topics we don't feel comfortable to.  Why haven't we talked about Eric Garner or the church shooting?  Because we are simply tired.  Speaking for myself. I am too busy looking for a job to be able to move my daughter and myself somewhere that I can feel an ounce safer from racial injustice.  And it's a mind shocker.  Ever day you turn on the TV or look on your news feed  to see SOMETHING ELSE has happened, our blog is our fortress of solitude where we don't have to be surrounded by fear, simple as that.

Asking bloggers to jump out of their comfort zone to discuss a highly controversial topic is at the discretion of said blogger. I know I do not want to go head to head with another blogger over something that is merely my opinion, and that is what's happening too much.  I don't even do that on my own personal accounts because I've been called a coon and traitor when I simply just state an unbiased opinion, so I do not want those negative comments reflected back on our blog.  Just because we don't make a post, send a tweet, or Facebook post doesn't mean we don't care about what's going on in our community, we just have different ways of expressing our opinions or helping out the cause, and getting mad that other bloggers don't want to use their site to speak out is down right disrespectful, and if anything it's a form of bullying.

What do you guys think?

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