When Will Cultural Appropriation Be Done CORRECTLY?

cultural appropriation

I'm just a little bit flabbergasted at the...bullshit none the less....I've been seeing recently.  And as I always say, if someone like myself who doesn't try to trip off of "cultural issues" finds something wrong, then YOU KNOW something is wrong!  Cultural appropriation in the fashion and beauty industry has just seem to get out of hand.  I guess since no one is getting shot for no reason it's not a big deal huh? Well that's not true at all.  For years customs and practices of other cultures, namely the African American culture have been taken and spun to be thought of as a new revolution, especially when a non-African American designer showcases it on the runway, or a celebrity decides to sport it.  The fact is...we don't care that what we do in our everyday lives from our hair to our clothes to the slang that comes out of our mouth is being mocked, but why praise it when it's a "new" fashion or beauty trend but degrade it otherwise?  For example, bantu knots were not sought out or thought of by Marc Jacobs, as much as I love him I cannot credit him for it.  Miley Cyrus doesn't get the credit either with her flat, non twerking ass.  Bantu knots come from our culture as a way to maintain and protect the natural hair.  Corn rows isn't revolutionary just because your favorite celeb such as Kylie Jenner rocks them to try and look like a fake ass thug.  Our culture has had corn rows for I don't know how long, I remember wearing them in elementary school.  If we could, we would patent it as ours.  To that cute little Japanese designer who had the balls to attempt to depict African culture with NOT ONE African or African American model...epic fail. And to you men who praise the "white women" who display black features when it comes to beauty expectations such as Kim K but got your nerve to degrade us as African American women...SHAME ON YOU!  I can go on and on giving examples of inappropriate displays of culture in the fashion and beauty industry but it won't matter until we act like we care.  It's not okay in anybody's world for a culture that, on any other day, is deemed as inferior, to be ripped apart of certain elements that seem appealing, twisted and misconstrued into something that can sell and make money.  It just not fair.


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