Why Does Your Baby Look Like A Mini Thot?

kids dressing too grown

Yes, my title for this post is rather blunt but it's the truth.  As a parent to a beautiful three year old girl I am aware of trends when it comes to fashion for kids, but what I don't understand is the new trend in our generation to dress small girls and boys like grown ass adults!  And I don't mean mommy/daddy matching with their kids, I mean little boys sagging, multiple chains, expensive shoes that they don't need and little girls wearing small, short dresses with purses I can't even afford to buy!  To me, this is just a set up to make our kids grow up TOO TOO FAST, and it's just not right. Kids don't need to be dressed in the most expensive gear and dressed up to look like grown ups, even North West and Blu Ivy still look like the adorable girls they are and their parents have all the money in the world.  If Beyonce and Kim K can dress their children appropriately, then you can too!  More so, stop making your kids do the duck face, switch their hips to the side as if they were a developed grown woman with something to switch, and holding their crotch like a grown ass man just to satisfy your desire of internet popularity...it's...not...right.

If you are a parent looking for affordable, stylist, AND age appropriate clothing for your child I suggest heading to Baby, Set, GO! Boutique.  They are one of the few online boutiques I trust to get nice clothing for my daughter. Founded by an ambitious mom, Baby, Set, GO! Boutique was created to help keep your son and daughter trendy without taking away their innocence. Every fashionable kid shouldn't look like a tiny 20 year old, which is why I personally love them.  They also have events as well including pop up shops and fashion shows to debut their new collections (their next one is is September) and I know I can't wait to see what they have in store for next season.

Maybe it's just me because I'm a overprotective mom but I just don't get the logical reasoning behind dressing your son or daughter up so "grown up" like, does anyone else feel the same way?

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