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Polette Glasses Set

This is why I love blogging communities, you find out things that you didn't know of, especially great products.  Long story short, that is how I stumbled upon Polette, the most perfect, magical place ever! It might sound like I'm exaggerating but I'm not.  If you're like me, then you know glasses rule your way of life, you need them to see, read, and be a functioning citizen.  And to not look like a grandma in your 20's, you strive to get a chic pair of glasses that won't make you go broke, as if you already weren't.  I've found a few sites that let you get a cute pair of glasses but they aren't extraordinary or that much of "fashion forward" frames.  Well when it comes to Polette, I've been blown away.

Artisan crafted frames, Polette delivers unique, fashion forward frames that no other company has.  Take it from me, someone who needs glasses as a necessity, Polette let's me be fashionable without looking like...well, and old ass lady, which is why it's only right to include a few of my favorites of Polette's frames in today's 5 Point Style Guide.

Whether you like settle animal prints, 70's vintage flare, over sized lenses, professor allusion, or a color blast, Polette has you covered.  And as you can see, I've taken to Polette with my new pair of frames which so happens to be one of our featured frames shown above:

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I will admit, because of past experiences I've had with online glasses, I was skeptical.  But as soon as I opened the box and put these on, BABY! I was taking selfies left and right. Long story short I love my glasses from Polette, and for literally half of what I paid anywhere else, I will continue to purchase my glasses from Polette, they are my one stop shop!
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