5 Point Style Guide: Style Is Eternal

Style Is Eternal
Classic and timeless, Yves Saint Laurent has been one of those brands that's on the top of everyone's list, so it's no surprise that YSL has decided to return to couture after 13 years (their last couture show was in 2002).  In addition to the exciting news about new couture featuresThe Bowes Museum and the Fondation Pierre BergĂ© are collabing with the well known and loved brand to create Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal, which will be presenting a comprehensive display of the French fashion designer’s work and life. The YSL show will highlight the defining elements of his vision, and the significant influence it has had on fashion and the way we understand womenswear. 

The exhibition will present fifty garments, including some iconic pieces from the Russian Collection, the Mondrian dresses and the Tuxedo. The show will also open up a dialogue with The Bowes Museum’s collection, creating a unique sense of narrative around the history of fashion. It will inhabit much of the Museum's first floor, including the award-winning Fashion & Textiles Gallery, which has hosted high profile fashion exhibitions such as Vivienne Westwood Shoes, Stephen Jones Hats, Henry Poole & Co Tailoring, a retrospective of Laura Ashley and most recently 'Birds of Paradise: Plumes & Feathers in Fashion.  So in anticipation of this exciting collaboration and the new couture pieces, take a look with me at an all new 5 Point Style Guide featuring nothing by Yves Saint Laurent's most timeless and classic pieces because as he said “Fashion fades, style is eternal” and that's what this guide is all about.

Saint Laurent 'Iconic' smoking jacket

The center of this set is this BEAUTIFUL iconic smoking jacket.  It's constructed as if it was for a man, but it gives such a sexy feeling to the women's silhouette.

Saint Laurent classic T-shirtSaint Laurent tailored shorts

Because I wanted to keep this set very classic, I incorporated Saint Laurent's classic t shirt, which has a loose fit and straight hem line, and these tailored shorts. It's a mix of "I want to be casual but daring at the same time".

Saint Laurent knee high boots
Another reason why I chose the tailored shorts is because I wanted to pair them with these SEXAYYYY knee high boots. Knee high boots have been on trend even in the summer months, rocking them with a dress, skirt, or similar shorts and go great for a fashion soiree or meet up in the city.

Saint Laurent small 'Monogram' cross body

Last but certainly not least to tie this outfit all together, my favorite at this, is this small monogrammed YSL lambskin chained clutch.  Another reason why I decided to leave this outfit minimalistic is because I wanted to showcase the color blast and detailing of this clutch, it's the right pop of color as far as shade and the amount that makes any outfit go from 0-100!

I'm so excited to see what YSL has in store in regards to new couture for the seasons to come, whether that's resuming runway shows or just select pieces for the few lucky celebs, I'm sure any creation will be dropped dead gorgeous!

*this post was sponsored by Farfetch.com   

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