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blog tour

I have been seeing EVERRRRRYONE create their own blog tour and it seems like a lot of fun but also a great way to meet blogging friends outside of our "internet home", and with the production of our new conference Divergent Place (tickets go on sale Sept 4th!) we thought it was only fitting for us to jump on the bandwagon and go on our own tour!  From now until early 2016 we will be hitting the ATL, LA, Chi-Town, NY, and back to our hometown of St. Louis! We would love to see our fellow bloggers come, have a bite to eat or cup of coffee, and get some info on our conference all while sharing their own projects!  Our first stop is in Atlanta the weekend of November 20th as we will be heading to the Celebrity Fashionable Escape Runway Show hosted by Fashion Frenzy ATL.  Our second stop will be in January in LA as we hit the IMATS covention and get our glam on!

If you plan on joining us in one of the cities, or a few of them because you love us so much just fill out the form below so we know a general estimate of who to expect!  Always if you have questions you can drop a comment below, and I cannot wait to see everyone in ATL!

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