Blogging 101: Where to Start With An Editorial Calendar

editorial calendar

There's something I've noticed when it comes to blogging.  Once you get "good" and get on a roll, chaos just sweeps you off of your feet.  You have so many post ideas you want everyone to hear about but trying to get them all published in a good time frame while creating good, authentic, quality content can be difficult at times.  And no matter how I seem to organize these ideas they still don't get published until I use what is infamously known in our community as an editorial calendar!

What's an editorial calendar?  It's kind of self explanatory, but an editorial calendar is a laid out timeline on when you will create posts, publish post, etc.  A lot of bloggers or companies who hire out other bloggers use this to show when a post has been assigned and when it's due, just like your calendar or planner you use in school or at work.  Here at #MOAF we have recently started to use this system since life is seeming to get the best of us once again, and so far it has really help us keep organize, here's our system:

Since we're hosted by Blogger, we use Google Calendar.  We try and schedule one topic a day not to overwhelm ourselves and then if we finish those topics we can add more to that week or begin the new week.  We have 5 categories that we talk about (fashion/style, health/beauty, LSR, Jaunts & Junkets, and Blogger Insight) on top of contributors posts as well, so with all of these different categories we color coordinate on the calendar and we have set days we try to stick to when it comes to posting in the above topics.  For example Mondays & Thursdays is for posting Fashion and Beauty related topics, Tuesdays & Fridays it's all about style posts, Wednesdays & Sundays we post about LSR and Blogger Insight, and Saturdays we save for Jaunts & Junkets.

It may seem like a lot, and it is, but that just makes my point even greater that at some point, sooner or later, you'll need the helpful services of an editorial calendar.  You can even use the planner you have now and simply schedule when you want certain posts to go live.  If I can't emphasize this enough, this system will help you stay on top of things, help you stay very much organized, and will put you well on track of structuring your blog as a business.

Do you use an editorial calendar?  What system (online or on paper) helps keep your posts organized and you on top of your game? Drop those comments below!

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