Destination: Adirondack


If you know anything about upstate New York, it’s that it’s nothing less than trendy. It’s the destination city dwellers flock to for much-needed down time, playtime, enjoyed lakeside in the Adirondack’s, and for millions of pristine pine trees – a sight no less marvelous than the expansive NYC skyline to the south.
Destination Adirondack
In need of escape, I found myself here alongside my closest friends, stuffing my face with chicken riggies – a semi-spicy mix of chicken, peppers, creamy red sauce, cheese, and rigatoni – and Pierogi’s, a Polish-style ravioli stuffed with potatoes, and cheese, and doused in butter – and to sip it down, an ice-cold Saranac…or 3. If indulgence were a crime, we were all guilty AF – as evidenced by our empty plates and exhausted faces.
Destination Adirondack
Good eats: Aqua Vino – a mouth-watering, family-style Italian spot seated right on the Eerie Canal, that will make the lost souls amongst us who’ve sworn off carbs turn to the dark side once more. Must-have: meatballs, greens, and chicken riggies.
Daiker’s – if boating to lunch is more your speed, this place is for you. This casual pit stop overlooking the Adirondack’s fourth lake in Old Forge, delivers on something quick and tasty, and, as I mentioned, is accessible by party barge, boat, or jet ski, aka you can’t hate it at all.
Tin Rooster – a southern barbeque spot featuring fried green tomatoes, smoked ribs and wings, and some luscious (and loaded) margaritas. After 10 p.m. a country-crooning band takes the stage and the sparkly saddles illuminates over the dance floor. Need I say more?
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