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divergent place

I've noticed something within the blogging community that I'm not too...happy about.  We seem to only gravitate and network with our own kind, with people in our own niche.  Makes sense, because these are the people who we would turn to first for help or collaborations, but what about the other bloggers out there?  No matter what type of blogger you are, blogging is blogging.  When it comes down to it, every blogger has the same issues when starting and can relate on so many different levels when it comes to developing said blog.  So why not have a place where many different types of bloggers can come together, more so learn together?  Well I'm happy to announce that we here at Mind of a Fashionista along with Aziza-Lynn of TheBargainBeauty will hold Divergent Place Blogging Conference, a place of diversity to create creativity.  The first ever blogging conference of its kind (especially to be held in St. Louis), Divergent Place is geared towards being an all inclusive space where those of like minds can create, inspire, and thrive from each other...a diverse creative space.  This conference is open to ANY AND ALL bloggers from ANY NICHE.  This is also open to creative writers who are on the fence of becoming a blogger.  We hope we can be that outlet that helps you decide your blogging fate!  This will be a two day conference filled with heavy networking, panal discussion and breakout sessions, and an all inclusive, interactive blogger party!  Topics that will be thoroughly discussed are:

Blogging 101
Netwotking 101
Buliding your brand
Knowing your niche and the essence of being authentic
Bulding partnetships (with companies and bloggers)
Taking the plunge as a full time blogger
How to overcome barriers in the blogging industry
SEO Tips
"Covering your ass"-the legal side of the blogging business

Tickets will go on sale soon (announcement will be made in a week, and you will be able to purchase tickets through this post once available) so make sure to stay tuned for that.  I am really excited to get this going, this is going to be a ground breaking event, we're putting it in the air right now!  If you have any, and I mean ANY questions regarding this event or would like to be apart in any way in regards to being a panelist or a vendor, please email me personally at or us at!

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