How Blogging Has Shown Me Who's Really Down For The Cause


Let's just say when you start being passionate about something, you eventually see who's your "ride or die" so to speak, meaning of your family and friends you see who really supports you and who really could care less, and becoming a full fledged blogger is no different.  When I became a blogger and actually started to take it seriously I only had a handful of people from close family to only a few friends take interest to it.  Not that I was mad or hurt, but more so annoyed and saw it was time to cut ties.  Just like with any passionate business or project you have to have a very supportive group of people there to uplift you when you feel like punching the wall and praise you when you've completed years worth of work that finally paid off, and sometimes that doesn't include who you think are you're friends.  I have had more support from my blogging friends than people who I've grew up with, known for years, and who I thought we're like sisters and brothers to me, I don't know has anyone else felt this way?  Weigh in and let me know your thoughts below!

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