Blogger Insight: Networking Part 3-The Art of Your Business Card

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A big part of networking is making a good first impression during the initial interaction, and almost always that includes the exchange of business cards.  Business cards are an extension of your brand, yourself, and your personality so it's important that these cards give off the right message.  So with that being said, what all goes in to creating a bangin' business card?

First, I would suggest when creating your business cards to consider the various types of business card there are to create.  For example, there are vertical and horizontal cards, square and sticker form, and many others.  Once you figure out what kind of card you want to use, then you need to figure out the information you want to put on your business card.  You're not going to be able to put everything you want on these cards, space just wont allow it.  So with that being said, start by choosing important factors such as:

Business Name
Name & Title
Phone Number
Email address
3 Main Social Media Accounts

If you have more room I would also include things such as a motto or slogan, multiple numbers or multiple social media accounts.  After you figured out the info you feel most important to include on your new business cards, it's time to make them perrrrty!  Different websites have different pre loaded themes such as Vistaprint and MOO.  But what we did was use the helpful services of Zazzle to create our business cards.  I've used Zazzle for affordable stationary and invitation needs, but I recently found out that they offer business cards as well.

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 With Zazzle I was able to upload our own logo as the front of our business card which contains our blog's name and slogan, and on the back I included my name, my position(s), email, phone number, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and our website.  For under $20 I was able to get enough business cards to last me for all of my events and conference I may go to!

I believe the most important thing when designing and structuring your business cards is to be consistent and not overwhelm the card itself.  Inconsistent design can throw off the eye, and inconsistent information just messes up potential relationships.  I don't know how many times I've tried locating people with the information they put on their business cards and it's invalid.  Don't be that person.

Are there certain things you cannot do without when designing your business cards? Or a company you always go to when ordering your cards? Well drop a comment below and let us know what you think!
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