Hair: The Moment When I Met Carol and She Met Sally!

So! I was sitting in class when my phone buzzed with an e-mail notification and to my joy, it was an e-mail announcing that Carol's Daughter is now available at Sally Beauty Supply!!! Yeeeeeeees!

If you're a Sally Beauty Club member who loves the Carol's Daughter brand (like myself), this is really exciting news! If you follow my posts, you've read me reference Sally Beauty often as it's the place I go to get everything I need to get this awesome hair color I have achieved (thanks to the hands of my hair stylist/sister). Most recently, I've started to purchase some of my normal use hair care products and some nail care stuff as well.

Carol's Daughter and I go waaay back to the days when they were being carried at Macy's. The first product I ever tried from them was the Mimosa Hair Honey. I was relaxed at the time and it was an awesome product to use even with relaxed hair. Now that I'm natural, I still use it, the same one I bought like 3 years ago because a little really does go a long way. The packaging has changed and everything since then.

When I was transitioning, I used a set of their products that made my hair very easy to take care of during that soon to be rough time in my hair life.

Basically, I'm now going to be getting myself reacquainted with Carol's Daughter and me and Sally are about to upgrade from good friends to BFFs when it comes to getting my hair supplies. Granted, Target and Walgreens carries these brands as well, but with my Beauty Club card, I'm about to save sooo much money y'all! Listen to me when I tell you. The membership is $5 for an entire year. I've been a Beauty Club member for 8 months and I have saved well over $5 since I joined in December just for having the card. Some of the best prices around for a lot of things.

If you haven't tried Carol's Daughter yet, now is the perfect time to try it! It's never too late!

Do you shop at Sally's? What are some of your favorite things to pick up there?

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