The Ombre Effect

Hey there fellow lip lovers!
For those who know me, I am a collector of all things lipstick, at the current moment in time; I have over 90 plus tubes of lip products at my disposal (lipstick, lip balms, lip gloss).  I have almost every color of the rainbow with no end in sight.
With    that kind of collection, I am always asked the question of how I do my ombre lips, well here it is!!
The Ombre Effect!
~ One of the first things to always remember when applying lipstick is to always prep your lips. Weather you do a sugar scrub or using a lip balm or primer. Personally I choose to use an EOS balm, I like the smell and it helps to keep my lips moisturized for the whole day. ombre lips
~After making sure my lips are softer than a feather, I start with my lip liners. Lip Liners are essential when doing an ombre look. The lip liners I am using is “Black Berry” by NYX (Black) & a jumbo eye pencil (which is a multi-purpose product) in the color “Milk by NYX.  When doing an ombre you always start with the lighter color first on the inner parts of the lip, in this case you would put “Milk” in that spot. From there you outline using your darker color, which is “Black Berry”.

ombre lipsombre lipsombre lips

~Once you have your liners mapped out you start the application of the lipstick. For the black lipstick I have “Chambord” by NYX that I am going to go over the black liner with to add more depth. For the lighter shade, which in this case is the white, you would normally add the lipstick for it, but since I haven’t found a white, I am going to substitute it for a loose pigment.  (Loose pigment in the color “White Pearl by NYX)

ombre lipsombre lipsombre lips
~You have finally come to the final step of your ombre look. Now this may sound kind of crazy but in order to mix your colors, you put you lips together and move them in a rolling motion back and forth, what this does is mixes them in a way that appears the colors morphed from one shade to the next.

ombre lips
There you have it! The Perfect ombre lip!
Later Babes!!
Peace, Love & Bargains!

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