Would You Die For Your Vanity?


It's been a crazy week. Young people in my area have just been dying left and right and it's sad. But one young lady's (alleged) story really struck me to write this post because...it just shows how much of a fucked up world we live in. A female (who's name I won't disclose for privacy reasons/respect) died this past week and it's been said she past away because of an unfortunate situation with a medial procedure she received. Apparently she decided to get butt injections, slipped into a coma, and didn't come out of it. Whether that's true or not in her circumstance I know it's very much possible.  There have been young ladies who actually have died from horrible side effects of elective surgeries and procedures such as butt and thigh injections and it just makes me wonder...is it even worth it?  Are you really gone to risk your life and money to keep up with society's standards? I'm someone who has struggled with body image all of my life. I know the feeling of not being confident and wanting to change certain characteristics but I don't think I've ever felt so bad that I would choose to partake in something so risky that there was a chance I could end my life.  And to the naive little girls who kept (disrespectfully) commenting on a lot of RIP status's about said young lady, claiming you cannot die from "butt shots", yes you certainly can.  It's called toxic shock, where the body rejects the chemicals that have been injected into the blood stream and your mind basically tells your body to shut down, which can cause loss of limbs including hands, arms, feet, and legs, or even worse, death.  Don't believe me? Take Apryl Michelle Brown for example.

Wanting to improve her appearance, she attended a injection party or "pumping party" where she received silicon fillers.  Days later she got a staph infection and the fillers began to harden up, all while her hands and feet were turning black and curling, all signs of necrosis.  To save her life she had to undergo 27 surgeries to amputate her hands, feet, and the skin around her butt and hips. And all of that was to have what SOCIETY considered a nice butt.

It's not worth it.  It's not what I think, it's reality.  Even if you do get injections and never experience any of these horrific side effects, they don't make your butt look natural. I surely can tell when someone has had something done to their butt, it looks nasty. And if you're doing it to look like those stupid, yes STUPID celebrities, you know, Nicki Minaj or Black Chyna with their "big butts", s butts looks just as nasty, lopsided, lumpy, and disturbing, if not worse....like ugh I just want to throw up thinking about it.

I guess my question here is why, even in 2015, we don't have the common sense to realize that achieving a vanity status that society would approve of isn't really....obtainable?

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