Blogger Insight: Affordable Stock Photos? YES FINALLY!

If you're not an amazing photographer or don't own a camera, it's hard getting quality photos that pertain to your blog post.  Phone camera images can sometimes be distorted, and by using images from Google, you run the risk of copyright infringement.  So the simple answer would be to purchase stock photos right?  Ehhhhhhhhhhh.....if you have loads of money sure!  Most stock image companies like Getty charge a damn arm and a leg for one photo that you'll probably only use once, and most free stock image companies have really crappy photos, I mean REALLLLLLLY CRAPPY.  What is a blogger to do?  Well thanks to, we don't have to worry any longer! was envisioned and executed by a fellow blogging buddy of mine Neosha Gee, who simply wanted to create a resource for other female African American bloggers to have AFFORDABLE stock photos on top of other amazing features and services.

As you can see you get a great amount of perks with the free membership, including 5 pics a month, features on the site, and listed in their blog/biz directory, but what's even more exciting is for just $7 a month, you get unlimited photos, UNLIMITED, advertising, exclusive videos to use, and access to partner discounts!

We recently opted-in for the VIP package and I am very impressed with the pictures that are available for use.  Not only are they clear and high quality, but there's a variety, not pertaining to one blog niche.  It also takes the pressure and stress off of me to take pictures every week, which saves me time! is a great tool to add on your blogging resource list, and it's only the beginning, so just imagine what else they can offer after growing over time.  So make sure to visit, get you some bangin' photos, and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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