Can I Be A Guy Just For This?

I have to be honest; I envy guys just a bit. It is so easy for them to get dressed without even trying. Shirt, pants, shoes and they're good. It's all so effortless and that is just the kind of look that I like for my style. Effortless, tailored, and clean.  As I was browsing the internet, I came across a really great company and website offering a service that makes it all the more easier for men out there to look their best without even trying, seriously. I promise this is in no way a sponsored post at all, I just thought the idea was really cool and it would only be fair to share with you all. 

bombshell is a site providing online styling services for men. You tell them about yourself including your body characteristics, style type, interests, and even what you're specifically looking for (if you are) and your very own personal stylist will hand pick items they think will be great for you. Kind of like services like or The best part about Bombfell's service is that they have a 10-day try on period and within this period, your card does not get charged! Decide if you like what your stylist has chosen for you in those 10 days and if not then just send back what you don't without being charged and exchange them if you'd like.  


Most of their items average about $69 which is great pricing for Men's clothing if you ask me and they don't charge monthly, only when you decide to purchase and only pay for what you keep. 
If there are any guy readers out there, if you decide to try this service out let me know what you think! This would also make a great gift for any guys that you may know as well for a birthday, holidays, or just because.  I think I have an idea for a service of my own. Maybe I should contact Bombfell about collaborating on something for women...

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