Fashion: Kanye West & NYFW

Kanye West

New York Fashion Week is in full force with Kanye West making his return from a much anticipated debut of last year with his "Yeezy Season 1" collection.  The collection last year consisted of minimalist & earth tones, distressed and basic apparel, and hard glaring stares of the models as the audience entranced themselves in a show nothing like any other at fashion week.  I was very impressed I must say with the first collection, but with this second collection, I'm very much confused.

Unlike the common opinion, I love the collection itself in its entirety but I just didn't see the reason for another show.  These looks are an exact replica of his first collection and if anything, he should have just combined the two.  The color palette is all too similar and the construction doesn't differentiate from last year's collection.  Like to me, it seems that Kanye just told his team "just change the color and we're good to go", and I'm off from it.

And what's worse, and may be an indication of validation of my opinion, is that I can barely find 1 high quality picture or video of his show, it's more so of everyone backstage or in the seats.  So does that mean the collection wasn't worthy enough of all the hype from last year?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm

From what I could find, XXL posted a (very homemade) video of the show, let me know what you think.  Are there any pieces you like?  What should Kanye West change?

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